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Hi there and welcome to the blog section of my website! The person writing this is called Shane, that’s me. I’m really passionate about art, design and finding a healthy commercially viable in-between.
Coming from an advertising background and then branching out to other varied fields. I’ve always tried to approach each task as if it’s my first day. I like this idea as when it’s your first day in a new and exciting role you have that buzz and want to tunnel your energy towards doing the best you can. I’ve always been outside the box with my approach but always being relevant.
This is the first post so I really was overwhelmed about what to write about, so I thought I’d say how I stay energized about design and how to stay fresh. If it works for me then it can work for anyone.
Today it’s a bit too easy to get stuck on your phone checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and all the rest! After coming out of university and coming into the real world, well that’s been a long time ago so in the past few years I can’t stress enough how important it is to start over. Coming at skills and knowledge like you know nothing gives you and me the information to retain info. It could be what we already know and if it is then we’re already passionate about the subject matter.
Sometimes we think we know a software, skill or talent so well but if you were asked to summarise it in one sentence it would be a real struggle. I’m crazy about typography, type, fonts, letters & language and I recently started reading books about typography (I’ll include links at the bottom of this post). It was incredible to gain further insight and understanding about the principles, the history and the future of what we love.
Do it every day
This one speaks for itself I think, like any skill. If you don’t use it you lose it. I love drawing and working on various software so unless I live and breathe it then I can’t grow and get better. Even if it’s something rubbish just going for it really helps us to grow and learn.
Especially when it comes to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. if I create something that I won’t use today then maybe in a week or month I will. It’s not about posting and getting likes as I’m not the best at that yet but this is a blog I’m writing so if I keep it up today might be so-so but long term I’ll get better.
Do it the next day
Sorry for being repetitive here but I’m just trying to hammer home the message, do it again and again and again. I recently gave a best man speech at one of my best friends wedding. I’ve never done that but I’m confident in my public speaking. I helped myself before the big day, I researched best men speeches, I read blog posts about do and do nots.
I even went into the room before anyone was there so I could see it and walk around. Just seeing the room before people flooded in gave me the advantage of being familiar with the environment and therefore do better. In the end, the speech I felt was great, people laughed and clapped so I feel that makes it a success…no one booed or gave me dirty looks. I included a photo from the day below as I really enjoyed that day.
This is a photo of me and three other great guys. Bowie is in Duncan’s arms and Jack is on the right.


Hope I’ve conveyed some words of wisdom or that very least gave a different perspective. I’m not trying to say how great I am (sometimes I am) I’m just a guy who likes to give his best to challenges and I do believe every day you will 100% learn more than you knew the day before.
Since this is my first post, I would love some feedback and thoughts.
If you’re interested in books about type I really would recommend these two. I loved them so much.


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