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So logo design is something that almost everyone has an opinion about and mostly that’s great. It gets people talking and thinking about design. I remember chatting to a client once who knew it was important but not too sure why. With gusto, I had a little rant, but for this blog purpose I’ll try and be more succinct. A logo is more than just a pretty image to complement a brand, it’s more than a symbol with a business name. A good logo is what customers relate to a message. It’s inviting, impactful, easy to recognise. A logo is an important branding tool.

We’ll cover a lot in this post but I’ll definitely touch upon the creative process as developing a logo is like creating anything else. There is always the process and I’ll also go over the different types of Logos that exist out there.

Like a lot of things before you can run you need to walk, the following are some of the important questions you need to think about before finalising a logo for your business.

Why did you start this business?

For a lot of people this may sound ridiculous but when you dig deeper you get an understanding of why you’re doing this. Is it because you have a great service/product and sharing it will make a difference. Is it because you want to be your own boss and work as and when suits you. Perhaps it’s because you want that freedom but so do a lot of people. What makes you unique so your brand can reflect this.

What are some of the reasons that set you apart from the competition?
If you don’t invest in yourself then no one else out there is going to do it for you. In a crowded marketplace unless you believe in what you do and have an understanding of what makes you best. Without this then your brand will be lost at sea without a paddle.
What problems do you solve for your audience?
If you’ve got a product or service that’s relevant and something you fully believe in then you should build a strong foundation. People who need your services need to be reached in a memorable way. You need to reach your target audience in a sharp and succinct manner.

If you could describe your brand in three words, what would they be?

For me when talking to clients finding out some keywords really helps build a strong foundation. This question can really help when it comes to the research and development of a logo.

Keywords bring me to my next point: Brainstorming!

Brainstorming is a really important technique, it can be done on your own or even as a group. You’re trying to find a solution to a specific problem (lack of strong brand etc.) so by gathering and writing down a list of spontaneous ideas.

I can’t overstate how important it is when it comes to getting elements and ideas onto paper for this one. If done in a group it allows for a natural analysis and discussion to occur. When you air out the ideas in this way it can open channels that previously wouldn’t have been considered otherwise.

What’s a swoosh shape got to do with shoes?


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