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So a lot of people love podcasts, I’m one of them. I love how books transport you away from reality, when you learn from reading – the author has articulated evidence and it’s up to you from there. Well podcasts can be similar. I recently had a job where I commuted for over four hours everyday. I would leave the house at 5:30am and get home around 7pm, podcasts and books helped me keep going. Here’s a list of podcasts I enjoy, I’d even reccomend them.


Hosted by Roman Mars about design and architecture and much more

99% Invisible is an independent radio show created by Roman Mars, the guy is just ridiculously cool. The image of some turtle necked Californian mocha frappe drinking design guru springs to mind when you hear this man talk but good lord this radio show is amazing! Deep, clear, concise with good humour, the mindset to learn and share is really part of the fabric of this show.

Design/Business score 10/10


A podcast full of deep exploration of the human condition

Invisibilia NPR: I would struggle to explain what Invisibilia is all about. It’s a radio show that has such a wide scope of topics covered: life, science and generally people telling stories. When you listen to some of the shows you may think differently than you did before.

Life score 10/10


all about the design of business and the business of design

TheDesign of Business | The Business of Design, Michael Bierut hosts this show and it’s incredible – I recently read his book “How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (every once in a while) change the world” (heres a link to buy it if you’d like). The quality of the guests they have on this podcast is high.

Design/Business score 10/10


The Futur is a community helping designers, creative and those with designing to grow

The Futur, okay I’m not member of a cult, I’ve not found Jesus and I promise not to talk to you ever about Scienetology (unless it comes up naturally in conversation) – but the Futur…The Futur has totally improved my life.

Chris Do is one of the founders and has built a strong team of equally genuine, passionate and driven people. The Futur has grown to global community of people from so many different industries and walks of life. I’m greatful to have found this group, they offer free resources, new perspectives on thought, education about design and so so much more. Go and check them out, you’ll be glad you did, click here.

Design/Education score 10/10


James Altucher runs a podcast with varied guests, great humour

The James Altucher Show, James has a really great background, inspiring stuff – used to work in finance and then HBO and dabbles as a stand up comedian. He can boast 12 million downloads and a wide plethorea of different guests discussing so many intresting topics, from business, entrepreneurs and just how to be a better person!

Life/Business score 10/10


The Moth is a podcast packed full of insight and thought provoking stories

The Moth, based in New York City this really intresting podcast focuses on the art of stroytelling. A vast specturm of different  people from varying walks of life presented to us really nicely. They’ve been doing this for well over 20 years and host events across the world sometimes they even  feature literary and cultural personalities.

Life score 10/10


Russell Brand comedian and gifted wordsmith

Under the Skin with Russel Brand, Russel Brand is really passionate about language and exploring what it is that makes us tick. A hyper intelligent comedian, actor, author and activist according to iTunes the podcast “asks: what’s beneath the surface – of people we admire, of the ideas that define our time, of the history we are told.

I would reccomend checking out episode #053. Russell interviews Dr. Gabor Maté a renowned specialist in addiction, childhood trauma and stress – amazing.

Life score 10/10


Well that’s it for me, I’m really greatful to the people who put these programs out there. We live in an age where through this magic thing called “Technology” enables us to learn and be better people.

Tell me is there any you would reccomened? Have a missed out on one or two huge podcasts that you go out of your way to listen to every week? Share the wealth, learning stuff is how we get better.



Author: smoran86