Design the Best Customer Journey

I often attend meetings at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, a great venue with passionate people behind it. The chamber leads the way helping those in business connect with other businesses, maximising while helping all to grow. They are proactive when it comes to engaging with members and always host important topics with strong speakers.

This morning they had three speakers discussing a vital topic for all businesses: Achieving Customer Happiness.

Customers you want to reach need three boxes ticked when it comes to dealing with you. Do they like your product/service, do they like you and how do they feel about the organisation you represent. Reaching out to the market is marketing and paving the way for a smooth customer experience (CX) are vital no matter what industry you’re in.

The bigger a company becomes the more moving parts it has, growth means different things to each business but maintaing the best customer journey is always important. Contact centres are used by more and more companies to funnel operations in the most efficient way possible. As technology grows, with tech like AI here to stay we need to embrace it. The ways in which customers can get in touch with a business is a broad scope, so companies need to be in touch with how the customer connects.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Multiple systems: SMS, inbound calls, outbound calls and chat bots.
  • Should the business have an on premises solution or out source?
  • Neglected social media – the new word of mouth
  • Admin heavy – being bogged down in admin and HR
  • People power poured into the data analysis and measuring metrics
  • Having support for customers on a 24 hour basis

The speakers today to discuss these issues and more were Wren Data, Genesys and CallPageboy.


Wren Data Logo dublin talk
Wren Data

Niall Sunderland, the National Sales Manager, a key note I took away was “Good customer service is no longer nice to have, in the connected world it is essential”.

Wren Data specialise in delivering multi channel media contact centre solutions that enhance contact centre operations, it’s all about enriching the customer experience. They have over 25 years of customer focus and have built up an impressive client list over that time. Boasting big knowledge and experience to deliever the most positive customer journey possible.


Dublin Chamber talk on business and customer journey by Genesys


Mike Murphy, Senior Executive for Genesys talked about how moments connected are longer lasting than an instant. In a world where customers have a variety of comparrison websites, now more than ever customer experience equals brand experience. 81% of customers are willing to pay for a better experience. 51% of cusumers have switched brands in the past year due to poor customer service.

Figures like these bring home the realisation that it doesn’t have to be a bad journey the customers face, Customer Experience can be Magnificent (Magnificent was a favourite word of Mike’s). Tech today can create the experience customer deserve, treating them as they should be. Ultimately this kind of thinking reaches better outcomes of everyone. The value of being innovate pays off always, especially when it comes to CX and clever branding.

Below is just some of the clients Gensys works with:


The final speaker was Ken Colley MD for PageboyDublin, they are a contact centre based in Tallaght Dublin and they provide an impressive 24/7/365 customer service. They provide support to meet the needs of Micro Enterprises, SME’s Corporate sector and government bodies.

Callpageboy helps by reducing cost and improves efficiency for businesses. A take-away bit of information I learned from Ken was “how and when customers communicate with brands is changing. No business can afford to stand still”.

Below is just some of the clients Callpageboy works with:


Client list for Callpageboy 

So I’ve learned a great deal by spending little over an hour at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Irish businesses are well equiped to deal with the tasks of providing support in an ever changing landscape. Through innovation and adaptability it’s amazing the things we can achieve – in this case something all businesses owners want: a smooth customer journey.

Huge thanks again to the very nice people at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce. I’d reccomend getting in touch to learn more about whats going on in the city today.

Author: smoran86