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If you run a Facebook page or perhaps your curious, here’s a simple guide to marketing on Facebook this is a short read that you may find helpful.

Say what you like about Facebook, it’s a platform with many moving parts that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a necessity for businesses in 2020 and you’d be hard pressed to find a marketing plan without focus towards it.

Not to mention that Facebook owns the four most downloaded apps of the decade. According to SocialMediaToday.com:

“Facebook has built a digital empire, and become a critical component in the day-to-day interactions of many, many users.” 

Some of these titbits sound like common sense and that’s the joy of looking at these aspects from a top down view. Keep these nuggets in mind and you appease the Facebook algorithms and then your page ranks more favourably. 

Play nice and more people see your content, at the end of the day it’s social media – not selling media. I think that’s rule one. 

Socialise on Social Media, don’t Sell

Ask your community questions, “how was their weekend?” and “what can you do to be a better business”. This generates content that’s meaningful, making your account active and therefore relevant to your audience. Consistently keep posting, it’s a long term game and no one likes having a conversation with someone who takes days to reply.  

Tip: Ask open ended questions and be genuine.

Facebook wants people to stay on Facebook.

Think about it, if you share content to other platforms like YouTube then why would Facebook organically promote that? It’s all about staying on Facebook as long as you can as then you fill the coffers of Facebook. 

Keep your content on Facebook, be it images or video.

A/B testing

The term E-Marketing is redundant, it’s all marketing now and if you’ve not done it before chances are, you’ll suck … at first. So keep going and read the feedback you get. 

Test A if this doesn’t work then try B and so on. Some factors to consider, what time of the day are you posting? is the copy and taglines you’ve been using falling short? 

Figure it out Sherlock because the reward? You help more people with your product or service.

Speedy replies matter

When publishing new content, the first hour is crucial. If a person takes time out of their day to ask a question, then do the respectful thing and get back to them pronto. Like and comment back, even if it’s negative – especially if it’s the latter because you can repair reputation with urgency and of course do your best to be genuine and helpful.  Again with negative feedback, it’s an opportunity to you to learn, grow and develop – find pain points and see they don’t happen regularly and you appear gracious and helpful to others.

If you’d like to read about more about creating a customer journey then check out this blog post “Design the Best Customer Journey“.

They are some Do’s and here’s some Don’ts:

Don’t hard sell, no one likes this.

Don’t do click baity titles “CLICK HERE NOW FOR SUPER DEALS” etc.

It’s social media, keep it brief as possible and save the essays for your blog. Blogs are great because if you do write a lot, well then you can repackage it as a snappy list – top 10 list’s is 10 day’s worth of posts. 

And that’s me done discussing Facebook Marketing, if you’ve any feedback – please let me know!

Here’s a FANTASTIC book on modern day marketing called the end of marketing nby Carlos Gil, I’ve included a link to check it out. Very good read!

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