Welcome! I’m Shane Moran, a designer who loves learning something I didn’t know the day before. I’m a collection of stories and experiences with a phone full of podcasts and playlists.

I started this website to showcase my work, my passion for design and I really like working with others.

I love how visual communication solves problems. We may not realise it but design is everywhere. From the car you drive to your favourite pair of shoes, these are some of the pieces that come together and define what we as individuals are about.

My core values are honesty, being resilient, staying positive and always looking to develop. Life is constantly in motion, always changing – we adapt and overcome. I believe in the huge value of hard work while not being a dick.

I create visual identities for businesses, be it a stronger online presence or packaging that speaks to a specific audience. This means you can spend less time stressing about how to manage it and spend more time pursuing your passion.

I designed logos and packaging for a host of different clients – from one man bands to bigger organisations, producing copy, tag lines, marketing material. I’ve worked on websites, videos and even in-house décor to strengthen brands.

I really love lettering from the days of being back in school from doodling band names all over my books and now I do lettering in a much more tidy way, posting regularly on my Instagram.

If you like Twitter you can read some of my thoughts, links to music and podcasts I like there.

Let’s discuss the finer things in life

Your business, branding, favourite album, logo design, social media strategy or an exciting project you think is great.