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So from October to November of 2019 I undertook the 36 days of type challenge, each day a different character in it’s own style. It was a fun thing to do because it set a daily deadline for me – helped to speed work and learn. As designers it can be a problem to spend too long on nitty gritty details when essentially all we’re doing is moving pixels without adding any value to the finished outcome. This challenge which I’d recommend to everyone set an objective and timeframe, these are key goals to achieving anything.

Before giving this challenge a go I was becoming a bit stale on social media, thanks to a friend who suggested I give it a go I learned and enjoyed the process and additionally became more engaging on Instagram. Well truth be told I didn’t always enjoy this challenge, in fact the P – was my least favourite. I spend the least amount of time on it and then it was the most popular work I put up! When posting it I almost wrote how unhappy I was with it. 

When it came to the end I thought well what will I do with all these vectors and one thought was to give them away so if you fill in your email below and join my newsletter you can have all these too. Go crazy with them but if you do something cool, please share it with me as I’d love to see what happens to them.

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